My name is Jennifer Osuji, a sewing blogger. I truly developed a passion for hand stitching in 2015 because I adore sewing and the not so great part, let’s just say I never got the hang of a sewing machine. I honestly thought my sewing life was over when I broke my first electrical sewing machine after barely a month of use and my first manual butterfly sewing machine the same day I had purchased it. But nothing is impossible with these hands. Now I enjoy sewing everything by hand so I decided to create this little big platform to share my craft and show people with similar struggles that there is another way. Literally, wipe those tears off.

I have also incorporated inspiration because asides from my passion for writing, I am also on a self-growth journey. It is a very challenging process and I would like to share all the tips that inspire and help in my growth and I hope these tips would inspire yours as well.

This page strives to breed positivity only. It is set to be as interactive as possible so feel free to share your stories, leave your remarks or your constructive criticism. I would love to read them.

Let’s go on this journey together Xx!