There is so much going on in your life and in your surround, so many stressful situations, so much to worry about that you start to neglect yourself and forget to take care of yourself and your wellbeing. Maybe it is time to take a step backward to just reflect, to note the aspects of your life that need proper attention or change. Maybe it is time to start taking care of YOU for a change. In this post, I am going to share a few tips you can implement into your daily lives in order to take care of yourself better:

Train yourself to see the good in everything

It is almost impossible to not let the various happenings in our lives stemming from the bad attitudes of people to the stressful situations in our personal lives and in and out of the workplace to the shortcomings of the world we live in weigh us down or impact us negatively. I read a quote somewhere. It says, “When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top.” You either choose to look at the situation for what it is or you choose to look and rise above it. Positivity is a choice. No matter how negative a situation may seem, you always have to challenge yourself to find the positive in it. This is key to a more empowering life.

Think positive thoughts

Let me start by saying positive thoughts become things. I’ll enumerate. When you start to think positively, naturally, your aura would ooze positivity. Everything around you would start to seem positive. You would instantaneously change your natural reaction toward negativity or better put, negative energy. It is somewhat difficult and almost impossible to think only positive thoughts but at that moment when you notice your mind starting to drift slowly into negative thinking, catch yourself, retrace those steps back to positive reasoning. Guard your thoughts accordingly. Remember that what consumes your mind controls your life.

Develop a relationship with yourself

How often do you just make time for yourself and enjoy your own company? How often do you try to connect with your inner world, your inner self? How often do you just take a break from your suggestively busy life to just reconnect with your being? Let me ask you this question, when was the last time you just sat down with yourself and reminisced on all your achievements these past few days or weeks or months or years and maybe just gave yourself a pat at the back? We live in such a fast-paced world that it becomes very difficult for us to take a brief moment to appreciate ourselves or create a friendship with ourselves but it must be done as we are our own truest friends.

Self-love and Self-affirmation

“You are the one you are going to spend the rest of your life with. If you are unable to love yourself, how would you live with yourself?” You need to start accepting yourself completely, love your weaknesses and your flaws so much no one can use them against you. You deserve your own love and affection. Love yourself so much that you stop accepting anyone’s definition of your life; you stop needing validation from others. Love yourself so much that you never need to doubt yourself. Love yourself so much that you stop caring about other people’s misinformed opinion of you. Love yourself so much you no longer need to convince anyone of your self-worth. Love yourself so much that no one can make you feel bad about yourself. Love yourself so much that you start harnessing the power within you. You start exuding love and strength and positivity.

If you have trouble loving yourself, I know firsthand that self-affirmation does work. It may take a little bit of time but eventually, you would start to see it manifest in your daily life. My little self-affirmation tip is to stand in front of a mirror, look deep within yourself and repeat these words:

  • I am smart
  • I am strong
  • I am fearless
  • I am beautifully and uniquely made
  • I am powerful
  • I am special
  • I am worthy
  • I am priceless
  • I am the greatest gift to the world

Say “NO” to comparison

As the saying goes, “comparison is the thief of joy”. When you compare yourself to others, you tamper with your inner peace. Why do I say this? Because when you compare, you start to feel less than. It lowers your confidence. It meddles with your mood and your self-esteem. I know, I have been there. What I would like you to know is that you do not have to look like the next person or do what they are doing or live like them to be enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH! Keep in mind that you know nothing about their journey. Sometimes you may even be faring better. READ more about comparison here.

Organize your environment

“Let there be an opening into the quiet that lies beneath the chaos, where you find the peace you did not think possible and see what shimmers within the storm.” – John O’Donohue

An inadequate environment is detrimental to your mental state and your personal productivity. A good environment on the other hand draws you in enough to quiet your restless mind. A good environment provides an opportunity to reflect, find your peace and meditate. A good environment has the capability of eliminating distractions and narrowing your focus to those important things that need your attention. So start now to lose the noise in your life. This does not mean to stay in only quiet areas; it simply means to declutter your life of anything and everything that breeds negativity. Create a peaceful space.

Have the right people/energy around you

Surround yourself with like-minded people and people who have your best interest at heart and who protect your interest. Those who strive to grow you positively and support you. Those who genuinely want to see you happy and successful. Those who rather than only taking from you do their possible best to uplift you. Those who celebrate you and your achievements. Those who motivate you and protect your peace. The right energy around you makes for a more fulfilling journey.

Do things that make YOU happy “NOT OTHERS”

There comes that point in life where the realization hits that you cannot please everybody. No matter how hard you try. Do not wait till this point. Start doing things for you. It should no longer be about what is suitable for them but what is gratifying to YOU. Watch a movie. Travel a lot. Love a lot. Take random beach walks. Dress how you like. Smile. Laugh a lot if you must. Jump off a plane if you must. Dance ever so often. Throw your hair back like you just don’t care. Do crazy stuff. Be weird if you need to be. Be abnormal, normal is boring anyway. Be wild or not. Enjoy your personality. Do not accept a life of mediocrity. Whatever you do decide to do, whatever journey you choose to embark on, make sure it makes YOU happy and make sure you stay true to yourself. Your life, your choices.

Expand your mind

“Your perspective is always limited by how much you know, expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind” – Bruce H. Lipton

“A mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back to its old dimension” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Start reading motivational and inspirational books, as well as self-help books. When you read these books, you allow your mind to gain a new perspective on life and you grow more mentally. These books allow you to listen to others think differently from you, show you completely different views or just give more insight, penetrate deeper meanings, on what you already know and this helps to adjust your mindset and your beliefs accordingly. It is true that what they say that knowledge is power.

Diet + Exercise

Eat healthy foods. Make sure to implement a balanced diet regimen. An early morning run never hurt anybody. Develop a fitness plan. Go to the gym or just exercise in the comfort of your own home. Be healthy. Focus on what keeps your body in a good working condition. You should never be busy to take care of your body. Lastly, develop a proper sleep routine.

Take gratitude walks

If you have been constantly complaining or focusing on the things that are wrong about your life or maybe those things that do not seem to be working out in your favor or is it the things you want but cannot have, just pause for a second. Throw on a pair of joggers and slippers or whatever you are more comfortable in, step outside your house and take a walk to that empty park or that empty bridge. Breathe in fresh air and just appreciate nature for the beauty that it is. Now that your mind is slightly clear, take a walk. In between that walk, ask yourself, “What am I grateful for?” The task is to list out all the blessings in your life and just be truly grateful for all the good things happening in your life and around you. For a split second, stop your mind from wandering to that gloomy place. Try to do this very frequently.


If you are a religious person and you believe in God, get on your knees and address a prayer to Him. Approach Him with confidence. His grace is received through prayer so look to Him for strength. It is said that if you ask anything according to His will, He hears you. Try to read His words as well, you’d be surprised to see that all your queries have already been answered.

Learn to let go

To truly take care of yourself, you need to learn to let go of people who are toxic to your life or your growth or both. Those who threaten your peace. Those who question your self-worth. Those who make you feel less than. You also need to learn to let go of hate, anger, disdain, resentment that you feel toward anybody. You need to learn to forgive. You need to let go of past hurt. Let go of negativity and bad energy. Your soul deserves peace.

** The most important and key factor is to make a conscious effort to wake up and end your day with a smile on your face. No matter how hard it may seem, find reasons within your day to smile. There is always something to be grateful for.


22 thoughts on “SELF CARE”

  1. Damn. I’m bookmarking this one. You’re totally right about putting your happiness first. This is a great checklist for making yourself happy. I especially like the gratitude walks. I’ll have to try that. Great post. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Jen this is such an amazing blogpost and made me teary eyed! Haha thank you soo much for sharing so much positivity. We all need this and to be reminded to love ourselves.. do things all for YOU and not for someone else and that starts happiness. Well done keep posting! ♥️♥️

    Xo, Shamira S

  3. Thank for sharing, I needed to read this , I noticed some of the things I change to make my self happy now , I will definitely be applying a few more to my life to take care of my I can’t wait to see progress.

  4. love love love this! i always try to see the good in everything and everyone .. small steps lead to bigger steps!

  5. When you are caring for someone you are caring for yourself too. However we can never meet other people all the time in our lives and that’s the problem with most people. They care too much to other because they don’t know how to take care of themselves. It is sad, really.

    1. And when you care too much about others opinions of you, you forget to actually take care of yourself. I really appreciate your input and thank you for reading!

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